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Gardens Illustrated

"a book that is both charming

in its simplicity and a reminder of the

key role green spaces - and our access

to them - can play in our daily life"

February 2021

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"a gorgeous window into history,

with the most beautiful of backdrops"

February 2021

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This England

"bringing to life the voices of

the Gardens' past visitors"

February 2021

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Brent & Kilburn Times

"an imaginative and beautiful scrapbook

of poetic postcards"

February 2021

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The Bookseller

"it tells a wonderful human story of how people have enjoyed a relationship with the Gardens and with nature, and highlights the highly topical human need to connect with the natural world, and each other"

November 2020

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Kew Magazine

"a fascinating peek into

the lives of past visitors"

June 2020

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